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Health and Healing Massage

Pre-natal Massage is designed to focus on the specific needs of the pregnant woman and the new mother. Benefits of massage during pregnancy include:

  • relaxation and stress reduction
  • immune system enhancement
  • relief of muscle spasms and myofascial pain
  • increased blood and lymph circulation
  • reduction of leg swelling
  • reduction of strain
  • dysfunction in weight bearing joints
  • emotional support and development of sensory awareness to prepare for the experience of labor.

In the postpartum period, massage therapy can:

  • facilitate the restoration of pre-pregnancy physiology through enhanced circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • alleviate muscle strain and soreness produced by the labor and delivery process
  • promote structural realignment of the pelvic region
  • facilitate healing from caesarean section using connective tissue and scar massage techniques
  • provide physical nurturance to a new mother during the physical and emotional stress of early mothering.

30 Minutes – $45
1 Hour – $60